Android, Arduino, Raspberry Pi

Diary: students thoughts from Catania

Tuesday: Tuesday was the second day of our meeting in Catania. We continued to work on our application, but after that we went on a trip to Mount Etna, volcano placed next to Catania. We have seen a beautiful landscape. After we went for a diner to town located at the foot of the mountain. We ate there some traditional dishes like pizza and everything was delicious.

Wednesday: On Wednesday we were still working on applications. After that we’ve had a meeting with STM workers, they’ve tried to explain to us, as simple as they could, a very complicated micro controller called STM32 Nucleo. It’s very advanced hardware that is professionally used in many commercial and high importance projects. It’s a bit similar to Arduino, but much more advanced. They’ve also told us how to make use of stepper motor and how to program on STM platform. In the evening we went for a supper to the center of the city. It was gorgeous - the town of Catania is certainly awesome and mesmerizing.

Thursday: On Thursday we did presentations on the progress of our work. Each group with their leader had to show the purpose of the app made by them and also what they’ve already done. At the end there were some people who shared with us some new ideas about useful ways of using android and Arduino apps.

Friday: On the last day of our project we did some brain storming. Our task was to come up with some ideas for our next apps. The most of those ideas were about Android Studio working with Arduino - some of them were really interesting and able to create. After that we went to beautiful, old Italian city Taormina. We were visiting the whole place, so we had an opportunity to take some amazing photos. That was really cool experience and I am sure everyone enjoyed this trip. In the end we arrived at school, where Italians and their parents prepared a party for us. We could try local food and listen to live band music. There was also a DJ, who provided some good, dancing music. Finally, we had to leave, so we said goodbye to our friends and left to the hotel.

Saturday: It was the day when most groups left. It was very sad day indeed, as we have grown to like each other during the week, so we didn’t want to separate from our new friends and the lovely city of Catania. Too bad we had to do it.