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Meeting in Kozienice


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Meeting in Brno

Here we go with another meeting, this time it took place in Brno.

It all started at the 5th of November, when all the team - Polish, German and Italians arrived in Brno. We were welcomed by Czech students and had a dinner there.

In Brno, our main concern was to learn a lot about databases and how we can use it in our projects.

There were a lot of workshops hosted by the Czech students on which we learned just that and also how to do an implementation in Android.

Also work was not the only thing we did. We also had the opportunity to see a bit of Brno and Czech in general. It was an enriching meeting with interesting culture that most of our students will remember for their lives.

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Meeting in Catania: summary


Our project recently had a meeting that went on from 19th to 25th of March 2017.

Students and their teachers from 5 participating schools from 5 different countries, which are:

Berufsbildende Schule Donnersbergkreis from Germany, I.T.I.S. Galileo Ferraris from Sicily – our hosts this time, Střední průmyslová škola Brno from Czech Republic, Zespoł Szkół Nr 1 im. Legionów Polskich from Poland, Bluecoat Academy from the UK,

meet together in Catania, Sicily, to learn, develop and have fun together. What they did and what happened? Let the students themselves speak – here is a text prepared by 4 our students, it’s their diary of sorts, that can be found here:

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Diary: students thoughts from Catania

These here, are our 4 of our student’s thoughts after our wonderful visit in Catania.

Sunday: Sunday was the day of our arrival. We were greeted on the airport and then transported to our hotel that was located on the coast. We had a view on the sea or Etna volcano from our windows. We were given a bit of free time to rest after very long and tiring journey, and then, in the evening we had big, official dinner.

Monday: Monday was the first Day when we went to school. We got divided into groups and got to meet each other. We had to continue working on applications started in Eisenberg. We have worked for almost whole day, but fortunately then we went bowling to integrate ourselves a bit.

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Video from Eisenberg

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Questionaire notice

Attention to all students - you are kindly asked to do the qustionaire linked below. It’s anonymous and secure, so you can truly freely express your thoughts and give us your opinions, so please do so.

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Diary -students thoughts


Monday, 21.11.2016: After we arrived in Eisenburg, the german headmaster gave us a welcoming speech. Then we got split in to 5 groups. In our group there are people from the UK,the Czech republic, Poland and Germany. The German students took us into the city. After that we had a lunch in School. The lunch was pretty good. For the rest of the day we were relaxed at our rooms. In the evening we went to play some bowling, it was a very interesting experience.

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First meeting in Eisenberg

This week was the week in which first official meeting in this project took place. Students from all across the EU came to Eisenberg, Germany, to learn, work and have fun together.

It all began on Sunday, when all the teams from: Poland, Italy, Czech Republic and Englang have joined their collegues from Germany.

After a quick rest day, they began their week that’ll be full of work and also rich in opportunities to learn both from each other and from some excellent experts.

Let’s hope, that they’ll use it fully and gain a lot from this meeting setting a fitting example for teams from other meetings. Read More…